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August 17, 2016

Just in: 2 NEW additions to the Bb Hairdresser's Oil family

Dry, frizzy hair? …….. 

Not to worry. Bumble & bumble has just added 2 NEW products to the Hairdresser’s Invisible Oil family:  a UV-Protective Dry Oil Spray & a Pre-Shampoo Masque.


email_2016-08_hio_dry-oil email_2016-08_hio_pre-shampoo email_2016-08_hio_samples


Reasons why we can’t live without this amazing anti-frizz & UV-protective in a can:  1) Instantly boosts shine, while reducing frizz & flyaways  2) its a featherlight micromist that won’t weigh fine hair down  3) adds softness & sheen and can be used through out the day, as much as you want


Reasons why we LOVE the Pre-Shampoo Masque: 1) goes on dry hair, before shampooing….. simplifying the whole hair masque process (just add this balm-to-oil masque to your hair about 20 minutes before hopping into the shower, followed by shampoo & conditioner.)  2) Instantly silkens strands by melting into a hydrating elixir- for intense moisture.